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How about this weather, huh? In years past, many-a-time have we wished for the initial spring months to be this warm simultaneously to being this gloriously sunny. Although having said that, generally it’s not actually warm-warm. It’s tepid, or lukewarm if you will. Come to think of it, how did the name Luke become synonymous with a particular range of temperatures? If indeed you actually know the answer to this, send us an email with the answer and we’ll send you some records if it’s (a) correct and/or (b) moderately-to-highly amusing (scraping the barrel just doesn’t cut it these days, although you wouldn’t have thunk it given our outspoken boyish sense of humour). We’re deadly serious, by the way. In fact, to show our commitment to extrapolating every possible angle surrounding the word Luke, we’re even going to link our nonsensical chosen topical discussion to our current Track Of The Day. Luke is the name of a fictional character in seminal sci-fi blockbuster series Star Wars. In Star Wars, Luke aspires to be and ultimately becomes a member of a pseudo-religious elite fighting force called the Jedi. Our Track Of The Day this fine evening comes from the wonderfully-vibrant Eye Emma Jedi (that’s called MIND MAPPING and/or FUCKING, kids). There’s a lot to like, or even love, about these five chappies based in London-via-a Scandinavian country a buddy-lawyer of ours told us about this afternoon but we’ve clearly forgotten which one because we’re seriously important people. For starters, the music is the very definition of uplifting; they’ve got the whole jagged-guitars of Foals thing down to a T, and somehow have emalgumated this with the so-called indie-pop sensations that have been popping up on many-a-blog of late – think Bastille or Jethro Fox for references – and mushed it together with some tropical undertones and doubled-up Cast Of Cheers style vocals, if only in case for Sin. In terms of aesthetics…well, we dunno about you lot, but we’re a sucker for afros in general, and in this case where we have visual confirmation that at least one of the band members has got one that can in all fairness to the guy only be described as opulent, we are basically drawn to it like moths to a flame. Add to this that they visually seem to rock live just as hard as anyone else out there and you’ll begin to see why we’re borderline-obessessed with this.

Eye Emma Jedi – Sin

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Eye Emma Jedi – Wounded Eyes

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