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Lulu James
“Rope Mirage”

There’s an editorial trap that bloggers we as bloggers often fall into on a semi-regular basis. When we’re describing new bands, we often find ourselves comparing them to other new bands. We’re slowly starting to realise this may not be terribly condusive for introductory purposes, particularly to non-regular readers of the world-famous KM blog, mainly as we’re essentially relaying a relatively-unknown act (perspective changes sharply from bloggers talking amongst themselves to when, for example, you’re trying to have the same conversation about the same act with your mum) in the descriptive context of other relatively-unknown acts; or simply put, it’s like saying to you guys “this is my mate Dave. He’s mates with Steve” and expecting you to know what the fuck that means. However, a lot of the time, we simply can’t help it – much like a Viking in the days of yore trying to describe lightning as their crazy Gods having a pillow-fight, it’s completely dictated by drawing on our own perception and/or what we think we know. Let’s take current Track Of The Day’er Lulu James for example. We’ve seen on a number of our ostensible colleagues’ pages that the name, again for context, James Blake has cropped up rather frequently. Now, while we challenge anyone to describe the man’s music without reference to other made-up words or phrases, but in the vein of generally being regarded as one of those them-there boundary-pushers as far as the realm of progressive pop music is concerned (see, we’re doing it even after we’ve insinuated we shouldn’t do it!) we’d have to say that this context is pretty much spot-on in regards to today’s protaganist. Rope Mirage and Lulu James in general have been floating about on t’interweb for more than a spell now, galvanising itself in due attention from sites not too disimilar from this one following an EP release around this time last year. Stepping things up on the live front more recently than that has seen this gal grace stages alongside the likes of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Ghostpoet. Musically, aside from the above, we’re getting some distinct flavours along the lines of 14th, Jamie Woon, and a bit of My Gold Mask. To actually adhere to our own ridiculous logic outline above, and also to help people like our mum understand what the fuck we’re on about, we’re also going to say there’s an element of The SpecialsGhost Town spookiness present here. We have it on good authority that the A&R scrum is on for this intriguing young lady; not that it really matters. All we really need to know is that it’s great music.

Lulu James – Rope Mirage


Lulu James – The End

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