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Fireworks Night
“Amongst The Disappeared”

This is probably the first time in…we don’t know how long exactly, but this is the first time in a long friggin’ time that we have had what might be described as a lazy Sunday afternoon. That is to say, we successfully slept the shit out of this morning (in Yoda-speak, which of course is one of the best kinds of speak, we refer to this as “forever-sleep”). Even the shitty rain going on outside and bombarding the vast majority of West London couldn’t dampen (wheeeeeey!) our calm-as-a-Hindu-cow mentality, as the conditions were both right and necessary to allows us to finally catch up on everything we’ve been promising to do for certain people for the last couple of weeks, but also saw a real game-changer of a message from certain friends of ours that allows for a very exciting future ahead of our cheeky record label function indeed. Given the foundations, background and general ashes from which the Killing Moon phoenix has arisen forth, of course whenever we receive such excellent news we’re prone to getting all emo about the various paths and people that led us to this point. On that note of bitter-sweet retrospective upbeatness, a suitable Track Of The Day could not come in better form than that of London ensemble Fireworks Night who have recently surfaced the video for their soon-to-be-released single (on the 5th March specificlly, which is basically tomorrow) Amongst The Disappeared – aptness indeed seems to be at the core of these guys’ game, as said single is the next to be lifted from their Organ Grinder Records-released album which was out in November of last year (although that will probably make more sense to people who are actually into the whole Guy-Fawkes-trying-to-blow-shit-up thing). Both quirky and spikey-pop in both sound and appearance, sonically this effort is resonant of the space that occupies in-between Cherry Ghost, Freelance Whales and Stars & Sons, by virtue of which props have been received from a plethora of blogs, Uncut Magazine and our buddies over at Club Fandango. What’s even better is that these dudes will be playing first on for one of the best line ups we’ve seen this year so far alongside KM-tips for the year Another’s Blood in support of other-KM-tips-for-the-year Story Books‘ single launch on 8th March at Hoxton Hall. We will be there, be’leeeeeee that.


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