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Wise Children
“Winter’s Wall”

Good news kids – the codeine has well and truly kicked in (we’ve had a right pain in the backside for the last couple of days). Strangely enough, the effect of this particular painkiller (which we have since been warned that it is highly addictive; hilariously, the GP in question decided to overlook the fact that we smoke cigarettes regularly in the same consultation) is not so much to eliminate the neurological malfunction, but more that it renders the user in a somewhat unsuspecting non-chalant state of mind so that they don’t actually care anymore. In a way, it’s a bit like drinking more than your fair share of Guinness, in that it gets you drunk, but in a way that you don’t really notice it at all. In a near-similar fashion, this is almost decriptive of the way that the music of Wise Children works its magic on our person – you suspect nothing at first, then you cannot help but succumb to the overpoweringness of their progressive folktronic sounds. We say “their”, and what we really mean is “his” – for, boys and girls, Wise Children is one of those brilliant one-man band projects that comes out with such a wall of sound that it makes Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins look like even more of a massive pseudo-cockney-Australian muppet-child than he already portrays himself to be in that particular film (this of course has no bearing on his later works, such as Diagnosis Murder. We’re not saying that at all. We would NEVER say that). Sonically, this occupies a realm similar to that of Alt-J or Malpas but with a near-James Blake (and more coherent, we might add), and if we were those-there bands we would be seriously concerned about the level of competition here. Winter’s Wall is just one of many tracks from self-released and free-to-download (from here, specifically) album The Woods, a place that Mr. Robin Warren-Adamson himself claims as his own hometown. Whether he means the album or the actual woods, we do not know. To be honest, we don’t really care. What we do care about is that he will be bringing his art to Strongroom Bar tomorrow on 29th February for a very intimate and a very free-entry show, which we will be recording for our soon-to-be-launched show via our buddies Strongroom Alive. Get some.

Wise Children – Winter’s Wall

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