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The Patrick James Pearson Band
“I Am A Racer”

Another end to another ridiculous week (which hasn’t actually finished for us; obsessive blog posts aside, we’re waiting on a man from the Midlands to tip up before we can sign off for…what’s left of today). The theme in general for the past five days has been pushiness. Pushiness from those around us. Pushiness from those nowhere near us. Pushiness from the door that keeps hitting us in the back every time we’re franking the post. Pushiness from the clock whose time display never ever seems to want to help us out a little. Still, its nice to know we can get a little help from our friends still – such is the method by which we became aware of Cornwall’s The Patrick James Pearson Band (which was solicited to us, funnily enough by an actual solicitor). While we were fortunate enough to clap our ears onto a full studio recording of new Track of The Day banger I Am A Racer, we’re only able to find a live rendition of said tune online from the band’s recent tour with Hard Fi; we say “only”, yet what we really think is that this little clip just as well, if not more, displays the this Interpol-via-Killers-via-The Hold Steady indie anthem in a good-enough fashion for the masses. We may just do a little air-guitar performance for ourselves to this while we’re waiting for the remainder of our working day to complete itself.


Update 17/06/2012: I Am A Racer gets the full on promo vid treatment…


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