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The Echo Vamper

Another quickie for y’all today. For today is the day that Killing Moon Limited records it’s first ever show for a new radio show series we’re doing with/for/whatever our friends over at Strongroom Alive – you may well have noticed that our blogposts of late have been finding their way onto their website, with their FM/internet radio station of the same name having launched two weeks ago. We think. Very exciting indeed, and also the beginning of many other ventures that we’re stirring up with these fine young people. Anyway, we’ve got about an hour to get to Liverpool Street, so let’s do this thing: The Echo Vamper require your immediate attention. We’ve been told that they’re Scandinavian (which, of course, covers quite a landmass and no fewer than three entire countries, but we’ll get into specifics at a later date), there’s two of them, and they bring with them their bluesy-tinged rock’n’roll-via-garage rock vibes composite of The Hives and/or Yeah Yeah Yeahs and/or The Gossip, with today’s Track Of The Day Lover having received a release proper all the way back in October 2011. It also features that Chuck Berry riff which only serves to make it all the more catchy. They came, saw, and conquered London just prior to said-release last year, and zero doubt in our pulled-in-a-million-directions-at-once mind that it will be long before they do so again.

p.s. below video is strobe heavy. Don’t watch if you’re epileptic or prone to just partying too hard to flashing lights.


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