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We seem to have alarmed various people with our bitter-sweet blog post yesterday evening – we really appreciate the concern, but please believe us when we say we’re fine, they’re fine, everything (as far as we know) is pretty damn fine. In order to avoid such subtle outbursts in future, we have resolved to chill out more. In that we’ve had to hit the relevant reset button lodged between “stress” and “panic” in our brains, and it turns out that we don’t actually have to wind ourselves up quite so much after all. In celebration of this revived ideology of not-taking-things-so-seriously, the current European flag-bearers of general party vibes and good times Reptile Youth are likely the most appropriate recipients of today’s Track Of The Day intercontinental championship belt. Referred our way by our delightful distro buddies, it seems this electro-rock duo have been moving and shaking on the mainland for quite some time now, having brought their mobile party unit to various festival locations including Airwaves, Roskilde, Spot Festival, and Reeberbahn, and have somehow squeezed no less than two tours of China in between (which as you can imagine is not easy for the most-PC touring musical act), despite not having actually or officially released any music whatsoever for the duration. It’s likely this coupled with their energetic rendition of influences along the lines of Young Empires and Ezra Bangs & The Hot Machine, leading to the production of a live act that could likely rival club-pop kings LMFAO and/or 3oh!3, that has already earned them a sizeable following which includes Vice as outspoken supporters, possibly due in part to the outfit’s former chosen name Reptile & Retard. In lieue of any UK dates being announced, live with this sleek live video of the bunch performing Speeddance at Spot Festival not too long ago.


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