Rosie Vanier_FI

Rosie Vanier
“Neon Nightmare”

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to pretend that you’re not losing your voice during general conversations with other people and not look/sound like a total prat? It is very difficult. Almost as difficult as it is to walk confidently across the melty-snowy-icy-sludgey-muddy-roadside-shittiness that’s currently taken over the streets of West London like some kinda cold-ass Day Of The Triffids without looking like you’ve had something uncomfortable lodged up your wrong’un. Suffice to say, we’re not feeling our usual 110% today (run out of berroca, to top off everything else). That is to say we’re not feeling so cool at the moment. With the frustration of feeling imprisoned within one’s own malfunctioning body (you have no idea how upsetting it is to not be able to use one’s voice fully, especially when you’ve got as big a mouth as ours), we’ve somehow managed to find solice in the soothing, calming vocal delivery provided by former Rosie & The Goldbugs frontlady, the now-gone-solo Rosie Vanier. Neon Nightmare found its way into our inbox through a trusted Killing Moon compadre, and as we say, given the predicament we’re currently in, these are but two of the reasons that this is a complete shoo-in for our first Track Of The Day for this week – certainly not least of all due to Rosie’s ability to channel the simple song-structured movingness of Adele and KM-fave Bebe Black into a contender within the genre in itself, and we find the utilisation of the dubbed keyboard tones over that of the clean piano a definite plus at this point. With more stuff like this on the way, it’s fool’s thinking that young Rosie will remain subdued under the digital sea for much longer.

Rosie Vanier – Neon Nightmare

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