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Club Smith

Bit of a blast from the not-too-distant-past for us today kids, and gum golly gosh do we ever love those. The good kind anyways. Club Smith are definitely the good kind. We first conversed with these four proud young Yorkshire men (we are really going with the PlusNet advert vibe in terms of levelling pride with habitual residents in the York/Leeds area, so we can infer that not only are they proud, but are most likely “good” and “honest” as well) a good while ago whilst still resident at that-label-we-shall-never-name-but-most-of-you-know-who-we’re-on-about-anyway. A Reading Festival appearance via the ever-virtuous BBC Introducing platform was had in the same year, and in at least in our minds has set the standard that most bands approaching a similar level should strive for performance-wise. Since then the band have not been letting up, and steadily have been permeating across the online community sharing their love of The Smiths (really had to think hard about that one) cruising with The Maccabees-style guitar indie – and it has indeed got to the point where this foursome’s music can be brought to bear around their contemporaries, Mantra itself being tinted with moments of Alex Turner all held at a Killers Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine pace. It’s very much onwards and upwards for this lot as they’ve suddenly found themselves special guests of none other than Kaiser Chiefs on their current big-ass tour, with the added bonus of taking time out to play their very own London show, which happens to be tonight at The Garage (the Upstairs @ bit).

Club Smith – Mantra

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