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Golden Fable
“Always Golden”

It’s the motherfudging weekend dudes. From our part, we don’t think a teensy weensy break could be more deserved than by yours truly and our ever-growing gang of good-time purveyors who makes everything we do even remotely possible – this ranges from our elite crime-fighting and ass-kicking film crew who absolutely nailed proceedings at Wednesday’s Club Killing Moon; our bromosexual partners in Worship who played possibly one of the best shows we’ve seen thus far at the first Guardian-curated show at The Barfly last night; our distro guys over at The Orchard who make our everyday lives that little bit more convenient, not least of all by buying us drinks and stuff; and the bands out in the world-at-large who essentially provide us with the fuel to keep us going. New-ish boy/girl duo Golden Fable firmly fall within that latter remit. Eminating their mellowed-out vibes from the vacinity of North Wales, young Tim and Rebecca have got that special something about them which has resulted in the act being galvanised in early support from XFM, Amazing Radio and Radio 1 taste-distillers, acting as a wonderful launch pad for their airy-tinted Bat For Lashes-via-Warpaint soundwaves, and thus providing us with the perfect soundtrack to unwind and forget about the angst of the midweek grind (although, to be fair, our mind is so battered from fatigue that we’ve already forgotten most of it anyway) and bringing new meaning to the made-up phrase “chillwave” in the process. It may also be worth noting in aid of an aesthetic description that vocalist Rebecca bears a striking resemblance to The Good Natured‘s Sarah McIntosh. Not ones to wait around for something even more glorious than the above to come chancing by, these dudes are already embarking on their second UK tour in their short existence (the first being in aid of recent/previous release The Chill Pt. 2); unfortunately this won’t see them touching down in London proper (unless Watford counts these days), but given that they’ve got a lot going for them already, we can confidently surmise this won’t be far off at all.

Golden Fable – Always Golden


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