“Eyes On Sunrise”

Continuing our quest for ultimate knowledge, we paid a visit to the familial General Practice today to ascertain the reason as to why exactly we’ve felt slightly off-balance for the last two days. Let us explain: we woke up yesterday morning with that morning-waking-up sensation that we commonly refer to as “the mong”. You know, those first fleeting seconds when nothing’s really real, you dunno what’s going on and you’re momentarily a bit fucked. Our issue was that this didn’t seem to go away for the rest of the day. We couldn’t really walk in a straight or focus on anything as far as our mechanical bipedal movement was concerned. We couldn’t really pretend it wasn’t happening either, as simple things like crossing roads proved outrageously difficult (although we came off looking like we were doing our best William Shatner strut in the process, so wasn’t all bad). Unable to shirk this odd sensation, despite laying the smacketh downeth last night at Club Killing Moon, we decided to consult our personal physicians. Turns out you CAN get “mild vertigo”, or benign paroxymal positional vertigo for the non-fans of colloquial brevity amongst you, as a result of a viral infection. It’s not doom and gloom though – other than fast food and some great drugs, we’ve been prescribed some very technical bedside maneuvers (we’re not joking), and some excellent music from London foursome BUILDINGS seems to help put rights to our wronguns. Already cropping up on several blogs of note, including our buddies over at Sevensevens (good to see you last night Charlie), high praises (although not too high for us, mind – see, we CAN kid about it!) have been sung to the tune of this lots’ Foals-via-Maccabees style delivery of guitar music, the integral instument resonating to some serious Jeff Buckley tones as well as serving as a strong personal reminder of the songwriting eloquence of Worship. Live-wise, we’ve observed a rather prolific start to proceedings – kicking things off with a January show at Notting Hill Arts Club’s TV Nights showcase a couple of weeks back, to no doubt rapturous applause, and now they’ve stumbled upon Relentless’ radar-detector by ending up playing the Energy Sessions at The Garage on 1st February, alongside La Femme and previous track-of-the-dayers Big Kids. Open your earlobes wide and grab onto something as you slowdance to this fantastic tune, also available to download for free from the band’s Soundcloud page.

Buildings – Eyes On Sunrise

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