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Wild Belle
“Keep You”

We’ve been in somewhat of an inquisitive mindset these past 24 hours. As is due and proper for such a relatively-still-low-profile-but-with-a-fuckload-of-ambition type entity, we’re constantly striving for ways and methods by which we can improve on the small impression we may have made on people’s lives thus far – and in-line with living within an internet generation, knowledge is of course power, hence improvement logically follows on from the more information we digest. Questions to which we have already sourced the answers to, with a little help from our buddies, include the following: exactly what breed of duck are you eating (when, y’know, you’re eating duck); how do we find out who’s in charge at The Dublin Castle; why the same restraints on the secondary ticketing market, commonly referred to as touting, are not present as far as the live music sector is concerned; how long it takes to nail ALL the seeds in a packet of microwavable Butterkist popcorn without burning the rest of it. This is stuff that we simply must know in order to face a variety of trials that life throws our way on a daily basis. Indeed, it was curiosity that led us to finding the musical stylings of Wild Belle, and yet the further we investigate, the more questions come to bear. Firstly, we know are assuming that they are from the USA, but from where we couldn’t possibly determine in our 20-to-30 seconds of highly detailed background research. Secondly, a few names of note spring to mind when we tap the play button on this bad-boy – specifically Gold Mask, Sarah Williams White (purveyor of the recent Hide The Cracks tune) pinching the good-time brass section previously gracing Amy Winehouse‘s and/or The Specials’ ska-tinted presentations, all steadily rolled out to a vibe and pace not too far removed from Althea and Donna‘s Uptown Top Ranking – and while of course that might seem like a lot that we’ve just gone ahead and crammed into a tiny sentence space (you know how we do), there’s still a lot more to the aesthetic that we simply cannot put our grubby finger on at this point. Said vibe has not gone unnoticed and this track is now well on it’s way, cruising through the blogosphere, with a direct course laid in to Good Times HQ, and stopping off for a few live dates with Chk Chk Chk along the way. We hope to hear much more from this promising duo.

Wild Belle – Keep You

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