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It’s Monday. Guess what that means? Aaaaaallll the work you can eat, baby. A 7.30am start, non-stop, and we’re still at it. We’ve only just got round to eating sommat as well – pasta and green pesto stuff, if you’re interested, and damn tasty it was too, if not a tad heavy on the al dente side of things. We would have eaten earlier, much earlier in fact as we distinctly remember cruising past the fridge on several occasions during the daylight hours, opening the door, staring in, and then not actually following through by grabbing one of said fridge’s sporadic contents. And for why nay? Because, beloved readers, someone actually STOLE our last remaining slice of Tesco’s corned beef. Similar to how without bread, your toaster cannot toast; or without shoe shine, your shoes cannot be shone; without corned beef, it is notoriously difficult to assemble a corned beef sandwich. So, on that note, we couldn’t really think of a more appropriate soundtrack to our culinary woes than this hot number from Hertfordshire’s new poster boys Was Golden entitled Thieves. Its overwhelming aptness is only matched in terms of personal gravity by the strong influential culmination of biggun’s and littleun’s of the indie-guitar music spectrum – that is to say, we imagine this sound to be the resulting fall out from when Fall Out Boy and Xcerts eventually buddy up and have that final showdown with Kings Of Leon and The Locarnos to determine who will reign supreme in the Kingdom of Emotive Rock Music. Which, y’know, is obviously going to happen at some point, in our heads at least. Production value aside – it feels like a demo, after all – these guys show a lot of promise going on the excellent songwriting ability they demonstrate here. Certainly a band to keep an eye on.

Was Golden – Thieves


Was Golden – The Ropery

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