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Holy Esque

A day of colours and contrasts yesterday. In the morning, despite some sporadic blue skies breaking through the London greyness, we were very much seeing red as we finally buckled under the pressure of the working week. Well, we say buckled, really we just sat for several 15 minute interludes just doing what we really do best; sulking. Skip forward to the mid-afternoon and evening where we entertained a much-welcomed break from the proverbial grind, during which we effectively hung out with our mates at Amazing Radio, followed by dealing the animal kingdom a blow for carnivore-kind via a meal at our favourite American-themed BBQ restaurant with another good buddy, before linking up with our special ladyfriend to make the long-ass journey back to Ealing – as a result we eventually managed to remember how lucky we really are, but as a wonderful by-product attributed to our Amazing Radio chums having us in yet again we were about to discover stunning Glaswegian rockers Holy Esque and their emotive soundtracker Rose. Being whipped up as a mystery track for the session we took part in, this was one of the bands that is responsible for presenting the music business with a brand new set of problems – in that rather than struggling to find the “next big thing” or whathaveyou, what do you do when you have a shitload of quality bands to kick off the year? Regardless of career prospects, these guys are seriously tugging on some heartstrings, with their Jimmy Eat World-via-We Were Promised Jet Packs moodiness, topped up with one of the most interesting singing voices we’ve heard in a spell, as well as that guitar riff. Guttingly it looks like we’ve missed them skipping down to London back in October of last year, but we’re very much hoping they’ll swing by again soon.


Holy Esque – Rose

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