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Fast Years
“Young Heart”/”Steal You Away”

S’gotta be a quickie today ladies and gentledudes. The caffiene high and subsequent crash, needfully instigated by a Monday full of meetings and trapsings around the mean streets of West London, having only just subsided (we think) has only yeilded a steady addition to the workload that we’re currently dealing with, much like a dude in a stripey shirt spinning plates on sticks at a summer fair. Hence we are staying in and working our balls off tonight. Which is not really that different from any other night, but hey, at least we don’t gots to move much. Anyway, let’s do this – Fast Years are from Brooklyn (you should love them already purely on that basis, huh?), play guitars and radiate coolness in an outward direction from the moment the listener hits the play button; and on this basis we cannot help but feel this has been a studio project in the making for some time, but of course this is a complete guess. The music makes for a refreshing change of pace; with a production style along the lines of Japandroids meets Strokes meets The Vaccines – which we might broadly describe as a brilliant lo-fi sound – and a penmanship not too far removed from the likes of The Ramones and/or The Walkmen, the recent emegence of this sweet new four piece has not gone unnoticed in the band’s own hometown, at which they will find themselves showcasing alongside Howler and Neon Gold-darlings St. Lucia. No doubt they will be here, there and everything sooner rather than later, but with tunes like these we’re sure as shit not complaining about it. To add to the overall bodaciousness, Young Heart is available as a free download from Fast Years‘ bandcamp. We really couldn’t choose between that and Steal You Away, so we just went ahead and did a double whammy, right here right now.

[bandcamp album=2891373068  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti] [bandcamp track=1090662740  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

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