Feels like we’re overdoing it somewhat on the blogging front today – not that we’re complaining or nowt, we haven’t lost a single Twitter follower or Facebook chum today (yet) owing to our incessant “LOOK AT ME” style posts. Also, we have good reason, in that we’re barely going to have time to even look at a computer tomorrow let alone use one for band-propping purposes. For tomorrow, ladies and gentledudes, involves no less than four back-to-back meetings in and around the West London area. Bare things ahoy. Secret-ish for now, they be. Tell you about them in course due, we will. Setting all that Yoda-bollocks aside, no excuse is ever needed to delay writing about an ambitious new band, especially one sounding as impossibly-strong as Bristol’s Seasfire, who (for facts of random non-consequential trivia, which clearly you all must be if you’re reading this) are the second-ever band from that particular hood to be featured on this-here bloggy writery thing (we think). We describe this hard-hitting four piece as ambitious for two reasons. Firstly, being championed by those makers of all kinds of tastes such as Mary Anne Hobbs and John Kennedy of XFM fame to kick one’s musical career off with is likely the strongest possible start anyone could hope for, if you’re a fan of integrity – and believe us, those dudes don’t usually get it wrong. Secondly, the soundscape presented by our new favourite Bristolians is likely one of the most profound that we’ve found ourselves stumbling through: combine the songwriting imagery projected by the words of Imogen Heap and Bat For Lashes, then mix it with the musical articulation and production prowess of James Blake and Idiot Pilot, followed by the performance delivery of Shiny Toy Guns, and you’ll end up in a similar neck of the woods as these four chaps. Unnoticed, they have not gone, with all of the aforementioned culminating in a decent support slot at Bristol’s Louisiana venue, with Spector and David’s Lyre on 24th February.

Seasfire – Falling


Seasfire – Human Sacrifice

Seasfire – First & Last Time

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