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The Ghosts
“Enough Time”

Continuing our documenting exercise in the “life without the booze” episode of our young-ish life, we’ve surprisingly discovered that our old enemy, insomnia, has returned to fuck us about – this time, however, it feels this particular round is much more self-induced compared to previous stints. You see, when you hit the ground running in a new year, as we feel we have done thus far, despite how much fun you’re having playing record label boss and/or clubnight promoter and/or general musical impressario that continuously tries to punch above your own weight to little or no avail (thanks for that one, dad), you’ll find that personal time to just sit and zone out on nothing in particular diminishes rather rapidly. As one typical daily scenario, we find that we’re on this here laptop for most of the working day and night, but by the time that we’re supposed to hit the proverbial hay (say around, oh, 1am, 2am, depending on the preceeding 18 hours’ caffiene intake), we feel so robbed that we force ourselves into undertaking some sort of procrastinational activity – which is invariably watching a film. Last night, it was Die Hard With a Vengence in iPlayer. We got to sleep at around 4.30am. We got up at 8.45am. Soundtracking this latest bout of sleep-deprivation, shockingly with yet another more-than-apt song title, is London’s soon-to-be-all-over-the-shop types The Ghosts. Quite a story pertaining to the formation of this tub-thumping new gang has surfaced simultaneous to the unveiling of the intriguing promo video for Enough Time, which is being released soon in single format on 22nd January; founding members, drummer Palmer and singer Starling (the latter being of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool fame in previous years past) got together and started musically booming it up following an introduction from The Charlatans‘ Jon Brooks. That’s a lot of names already. Another name to chuck into this already-intriguing mix is that of famed producer Tim Bran, with whom the duo refined their Empire Of The Sun-via-Scissors Sisters-via-Depeche Mode synth-heavy tunes, during, before or after which time a full band was assembled. Even in this early stage, support has been pouring in from all corners of showbiz, including props from The Independent, Artrocker, Q Radio, Napster, and a healthy spread of music blogs, which we guess now includes this one. What’s better news for everyone concerned is that this particular 80’s disco party will be touching down in London on 14th January at The Queen Of Hoxton, with previous TOTD’ers SULK, as part of This Feeling’s Big in 2012 showcase thingy. A&Rs: engage.


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