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Arp Attack
“Follow The Rhythm”

It would seem certain people need to watch their big mouths. Not anyone we know personally (we love you all), but with the topic of statements or gestures made pertaining to, um, racial discrimination seemingly a daily occurence in mass media news reportage. Taking the ostensible issue of when to pipe down but in a much more light-hearted manner is the pride of Solent, namely Arp Attack. This bubbly and brightly burning two men and a lady have had a ruddy good run in 2011 – festival appearances up and down the land, including T In The Park and The Good Weekend (alongside our homeboys Worship), some healthy BBC radio support, as well as some prime blog action in the form of Breaking More Waves (Robin rarely gets it wrong) have provided a great introductory platform for their personalised brand of tropical-infused alt pop. We’re getting whiffs of Let’s Buy Happiness, Ellie Goulding, Polarsets and I Was A Cub Scout personally, but babies that’s just us. 2012 looks just as ambitious, as the band gear up to release current TOTD Follow The Rhythm as a, like, real life single, and no doubt a slew of big ass live dates are to follow to promote said single, for which we and probably you should keep our beady eyes peeled. According to this here email, singer Frankie says that she was “sorry to have missed Worship on the 14th December”. So you should be, Frankie. But that’s okay. We like your band. We won’t hold it against you when we see your band play at 93 Feet East on 13th January.

Arp Attack – Follow The Rhythm



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