“Who’s Going To Love You Now”

Yesterday was our first real test of our resolve to not drink one drop of alcohol (that apparently includes Guinness from a tin) for a full calendar month. A not-so-secret rendezvous at a pub in the mean streets of Hammersmith/Kensington with a soon-to-be partner in crime was inevitably going to involve at least a superficially visual encounter with various pumps and brand names that we ostensibly refer to as “the sweet, sweet booze”. It’s not as easy as we thought it was going to be in our three-day hangover post-our girlie night in at New Year’s Eve. See, sobriety for a prolonged period of time changes you. At least, in our short holiday in no-boozeland thus far, we’ve began to notice certain changes: we’re more up for doing other stuff in the social context, such as going out for dinner instead of hitting the battle cruiser; we’re more prone to saying yes to things without freaking out about the time implications, which co-incidentally we’ve realised seem to revolve around the desire to start partying at a certain time thus giving just cause to reneg on any other prior-arranged activities; we’ve got noticeably more petty cash about our person in the evenings. We don’t want to go about preaching on our only-recently mounted high horse about how great not drinking is – the fact is we clearly enjoy it – but as a further tale of new-found enlightenment, we’re constantly astounded by new music to a much greater extent than we were before. For example, we never really considered before we could appreciate sounds such as those eminating from the likes of MONEY without being completely off our faces. To elaborate further, upon getting caught up in that Wu Lyf manic period where seemingly the world and his pretty little wife were suddenly taking trips up to Manchester on a whim and a prayer in the hopes of signing said buzz band at shows that may not have even existed at the time, admittedly we found it ridiculously hard to get our oh-so-important earlobes latched firmly onto something which bore any kind of resemblence to what we, at the time, considered music, without first activating the sauce bottle. So hey, lots of benefits to be had all round. MONEY from the offset seem as enigmatic and thus as inherently attractive to the A&R crowd as their Mancunian predecessors – they’ve got the spliced-up stylee video clips down, that Washed Out-come-Lonely Galaxy (we’re trying really hard not to say Wu Lyf again) ambient dream pop nailed, and the online buzz underway in very similar fashion. Heck, they’re even from the same hood as Wu Lyf (fuck). However, we’re pretty sure they’re not them, despite rumours to the contrary, given definitive visual confirmation of the band supporting Chairlift recently. In a church, no less. They may have played much more, given these tunes surfaced back in July of last year. As cynical as our wording may be, alongside bringing up our appreciation for this, we should also add in plain English that we also like it a lot – at the very least, it makes January feel a lot more exciting, and perhaps may prompt us to stay off the booze for that much longer.



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