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Gig: Killing Moon Limited vs Twisted Licks Xmas Party

That’s right. Everyone else is doing it, so we’re doing it. WE’RE DOING IT REAL GOOD. For those who haven’t the foggiest as to what exactly we’re talking about, Killing Moon is having a big ol’ Christmas bash with our good buddies Twisted Licks (who, as if we haven’t mentioned before, are the wonderful people behind the annual Standon Calling Festival, as well as a shedload of our favourite shows for the last five years or so). What’s better is that you’re all invited to throw down with us. It’s at Star Of Kings on Wednesday 14th December.

Although we’ve a bit of a spin on our festive proceedings, in that we’re going to donate all proceeds from the show to charity – namely Alzheimer’s Society. These lovely people have around 25,000 members, who include everyone from carers to numerous healthcare professionals, and work ridiculously hard to improve the lives of those who suffer from dementia. We’re extremely pleased to help out in raising funds for this very worthy cause, and what better way to do so by doing what we love; listening to fantastic music and generally partying hard. You can find out more about the Alzheimer’s Socitey and their work at


So, who we got? Baby, we got the best (seriously, we think this actually craps all over everybody else’s Christmas Party line ups). Performing live are some of our favourite bands, in the form of Worship, Blackeye, Belgrade, Pushing Hands and Volunteers all making an appearance. We’ll be serving up some powerful tunage, occasionally bordering on the festive, and will be joined by our bestest buddies Strangers in the process.

And that’s not all (aren’t we just the gift that keeps on giving?). We’ll have some Killing Moon Records goodies to give away for the first bunch of people that show up on the night. How many exactly? Not sure. We’ll probably decide on the day. Better get down there early then huh?

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