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Gabrielle Aplin

Folk (to coin the term in its modern context, therefore meaning folk-pop) seems rather indomitable in this day and age. That is to say, every time you reckon Mumford & Sons have taken an extended leave of absence, or Laura Marling has finally managed to knacker herself out by touring the big-ass circuits and newly-emerging markets for the 20th time in a few short years, another acoustic-tinged and softly-sung act toddles along and arrives with a heaving fan base that makes you feel a bit sheepish for not actually having known about it for quite as long as everyone else has (NB: we have been busy, mind). Quite frankly, the genre is just very popular; perhaps there is a cultural significance in that, somehow, we identify with guys with beards and girls with chequered shirts. However more to the point, the genre has probably yeilded the best songwriting talent popular music has seen in quite some time; a notion celebrated by the likes of Jamie N Commons, Dry The River and Lianne La Havas storming into the BBC Sound of 2012 list, and also celebrated by us by talking about current Track Of The Day’er, one Gabrielle Aplin who comes from Bristol and/or Bath. Now, digest the following factual nuggets and realise exactly why we’re a bit dumbfounded that we didn’t talk about this talented lady sooner; she’s released no fewer than 2 EPs thus far – about to release her third titled Home, pre-orderable from today, and the title track of which we’re banging on about right now – both of which have reached chartable positions via several countries’ digital retailers, with the third likely to do the same. She recently played and sold out the Borderline and a number of other venues along the way, and looks likely to pack out Bush Hall when she touches down there in March 2012. She currently is without a record label, meaning by and large most of her impressive acheivements have been accomplished on her larry. In a 2011 context, these songs are as strong as any of the female-fronted acoustic outfits that we’ve encountered this year – along the lines of Daughter, Lucy Rose, Loui Rose Foxes, that sort of territory. In a beyond-2011 context, this dude is likely to either equal or better any of the accolades most or all of the names we have managed to drop in this write up. You just wait and see. In the meantime, watch the video for Home below.


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