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The White Album

It’s okay, guys. Crisis averted. Situation normal. The following elements are required, or so we have discovered this hibernatey weekend, in order to overcome one’s man-flu saga: firstly, you must sleep. Rising pre-emptively before the point of absolute contentment, to the degree that you are satisfied there is not one tired bone in your body, is futile, particularly on a weekend. Furthermore, this point requires the subject to ignore all calls for social action, including consistent beratement stemming from up to two radio presenters/journalists plus one cheeky band manager/PR to divulge away from one’s comfort zone in this instance. Secondly; you must eat food. Fucking awesome food. Lots of it. On a personal level this may include pizza, chicken, other derivatives of chicken and chocolates. Thirdly; you got to have someone who’s got the love you need to see you through. This may include good friends, good family, good better halves – we’re lucky enough to have all three on call, almost simultaneously in fact. Fourthly; Vitamin C. We cannot stress this enough, even though we probably have over the last two weeks or so. Finally; a softly-sung acoustic soundtrack to run along with the mildly-bitter winter winds we sporadically experience in London pretty much every day right now, which inherently make you think about life and prompt you to write yet another overly self-indulgent blog post about the whole thing generally. Copenhagen’s The White Album fit into this element like a freezing cold hand into a snug Christmas mitten. The band themselves might identify with the smushy content of today’s TOTD write up, describing themselves as “three very good friends with big beards and very big hearts”, and in a musical sense might well be described as a staunch competitor for the songwriting crown previously or currently held by the likes of Band Of Horses, Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons, Jamie N Commons and a tad o’ Death Cab For Cutie. Having picked up Young & Lost as supporters in recent weeks (whom we’ve just realised we’ve been talking about a lot lately, so we should probably buddy up properly at some point) by virtue of playing a fitting acoustic show at the Lock Tavern just last week, this intrepid trio may well be the front runner for emo anthem of the year. At the very least, this is the perfect musical accompaniment to personal bouts of nostalgia and retrospecting the crap out of a rollercoaster year. You simply need to hear, listen to, and most of all understand this band.

[bandcamp track=3977972867  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Also, because we got a bit ‘lax about it last week, here’s your double-whammy in form of the most triumphant video to Another.


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