Little Racer_FI

Little Racer
“Split For The Coast”

We’ve decided this weekend is not nearly long enough for the onslaught of activity this week that we’re trying to brace ourselves for the week that lies ahead. We’ve only just managed to recover from the non-stop action provided by the last seven days; yesterday’s banter involved the ultimate in physical exertion, resulting primarily from oversleeping (it IS tiring), followed by rushing (driving in the mid-afternoon traffic), followed by moving at a snail’s pace (human traffic in central London), and finally followed by having the fucking hell scared out of us (watching Poe: Macabre Ressurections in an Elizabethan church in Stoke Newington, complete with loud noises, dead zombie brides, people being pushed into crypts and other people jumping out of graves). It was both mental and brilliant at the same time. So it is not unreasonable in the slightest to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon parking ourselves in the standard stage-right position of the front room tellybox, watching The 5th Element, answering the phone sporadically and trying to work out our perfect chill-out tune. Brooklyn’s Little Racer pretty much provide said perfect track in the form of the wonderful new video for Split For The Coast, which is out as a cheeky seven on the world-famous Young & Lost Club. Already having recently touched down in the UK for a decent run of dates including The Silver Bullet with our buddies DRM RLL PLS, and an upcoming show on 28th November (i.e. tomorrow) at The Social with the Laissez Faire Club and their new boys The Static Jacks who we’ve whittled on about at several instances before now.  Striking us as somewhere in between the lo-fi coolness of Yuck and the upbeat surfy vocal stylings of The Beach Boys, this tune is currently coursing its way through the blogosphere very nicely, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.


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