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Storm Cat
“Breaking Up/Working On Something”

We seem to be getting into a regularised routine of posting double-prize Track Of The Day features every Friday these days. It seems like a neat thing to do, like a little end-of-week tidbit or sommat. We previously, much earlier in the year, had attempted to make a light-hearted Friday afternoon gag along the title of Just One Last Thing. We apparently managed to churn out about two of these before getting a bit bored of chatting even more shite than we already did/do; part and parcel of developing ones own persona to present to the world at large, making us think that much in the same way that bands have to think about how they appear once they really put themselves “out there”, so do aspiring music blogs-turned-singles labels. Despite whether they are currently doing so or not, or rather irrespective of what particular stage in their musical careers they may be at, the way that London fourtet Storm Cat have presented to us suggests that very little in the way of development or fine-tuning is really needed. Let’s do the compare-and-contrast thing that we learned to do in our English Literature GCSE about a billion years ago between the two tracks we’ve clapped our ears on; Breaking Up instantly kicks in with a 80’s highway drive style soundscape reminiscent of The Cult, The Cure or any number of The C-whatever bands that fit into a similar remit, but maintains a contemporary upbeatness with a vocal topline that sounds so very similar to that of Tribes and/or Fractures. It is, for want of a better description, a fantastically good indie anthem which we feel will be bounced up and down to at whatever festivals are actually still left standing in 5-8 month’s time (we have it on good authority there are still a shitload of them). Distorted bass-led visual effort Working On Something inherently relays a funkier and a lot more pop-orientated aspect of the band’s repertoire that unashamedly reveals the so-called crossover potential into the mainstream – we’re left thinking of something that occupies the space between The Low Suns and One Night Only. A handful of gigs – about two, from what we can tell – have been undertaken in the London area thus far, including a recent stint with previous TOTD’ers and soon-to-be Club Killing Moon’ers BLACKEYE, these dudes have a stint at the Camden Barfly on 9th December. So you should all probably take that into account in between the shedloads of Christmas parties you’re planning on hitting up.

Storm Cat – Breaking Up


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