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Victories At Sea
“Future Gold”

Feeling a bit FUNNEH today amigos and amigettes. After much not-so-subtle mentioning well ahead of the event itself, we found ourselves rubbing shoulders with the likes of Bez, Bobby Gillespie, some other people who we don’t know very well, a few more that we do and haven’t seen in ages at the Record Of The Day Awards in a underground concrete jungle near Old Street. We didn’t win anything. We were soundly whooped by Abeano, and quite rightly so. To our credit, however, we did nick the highest amount of canapes out of the few hundy people that were in attendence, were the most likely to be seen with two bottles of booze simultanously, and also (probably) did the best drawing of RotD Music Consultant Joe Taylor’s face that anyone has ever done before (we still want our REM poster, Joseph) – which, we’re sure you’d unanimously agree, is about as close to the feeling of actually winning something that we’re ever going to get. Job done. Soundtracking our misguided sense of achieving….something (does seeing Killing Moon on the shortlist on a plasma screen next to the podium count?) is unashamedly 80’s synth-pop ensemble Victories At Sea who recently offered up party-starter Future Gold to the internet a couple of weeks back, which was nice of them. Racking up a healthy amount of plays and assembling an as-healthy online following simultanously has followed the surfacing of their take on the likes of New Order and Pet Shop Boys, and we can detect more than a hint of our own party troupe Strangers in the mix. As sure as protesters shit on cathedrals, live outings were expected to not be very far away, and indeed this lot have a London date pencilled in at the Electricity Showrooms for 5th December. Watch the as-unashamedly 80’s-image-centric video for the track below, which strikes us as an ecclectic mix of visuals encompassing the essences of Weird Science, Flight Of The Navigator and Dancey Paradey People With Capes and Batons (the latter of which would be a great film, should it ever exist).


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