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So – Christmas. Let’s talk. Is anyone other than us kinda in the mood yet? We don’t exactly feel too unjustified in bringing up what is usually a much-frowned upon subject matter around this time of November, for the following reasons – firstly, we’re pretty much within exactly one calendar month of Christmas Day itself; secondly, we’ve been going around dropping hints to those silly receptive enough to want to hear them as to what we would like to see randomly materialise under our 5-year-old fake plastic tree; thirdly, we’ve been parked in front of the telly working our asses off for the last 3 hours, and intermittently looking up to see exactly why we should buy all our gifts from Argos, House Of Fraser or Littlewoods (invariably this is because they all say their shit is the cheapest in town, and they understand what a hard time we’re all having economically, and so to alleviate our financial burdens we simply must buy all their shit). Another increasingly-frequent occurence on our TV sets is the broadcast of Christmassy-style kiddie films, which seem to boast a magical and wonderous soundtrack around key scenes that typically have some ethereal girl-choir going ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh or aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh that is intended to instill a sense of childhood nostalgia into the minds of the reader. Oddly enough, a similar sensibility is acheived by listening to this powerfully-moving and spirit-stirring track from Liverpool-via-Essex’s Jethro Fox, which goes by the name of Before. Possibly a late contender for one of our Tracks Of The Year, hence being an obvious shoo-in for the coveted Track Of The Day spot, this is another one of those bright sparks that again we know little about – other than the resonance along the sonic vibes of Team Me, Bastille, Nada Surf and Villagers pulsating around our person each time we hit the play button – that this simply serves to make us lap this up even more. We have seen this effect touted about as “pre-buzz”. We’re, like, whatever. It’s a fucking great song, and we can’t wait to hear more from this dude. Although that being said, our only knowledge base stems from this lad’s previous and more visually-aided effort Blinding Light (which we’ve obviously had to include below), which we are about as positive as the plus-sign bit of a AA battery cell that we have heard before, and nearly as sure that this is probably due to someone really cool like Amazing Radio cottoning on to this a lot sooner than we have. So we’ll be hanging our heads in shame owing to our self-inflicted sense of musical elitism, but still bloody happy that we found this nevertheless.

Jethro Fox – Before


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