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“I’m All Alone”

Bit of a whistlestop TOTD for you guys today. We’re busy people, y’know. We got places to be. Meetings to have. Tubes to ride. Beers to drink. Nuts to munch (jeah). Smokes to toke. Hooded teenagers to avoid. You get the idea – although whilst bashing those last few sentences out we realise we desperately need a haircut. Nothing too mental; standard-fare fringe that borders on the emo (not too much, mind, as we hear that’s a bad thing these days and we are actively looking to up our street cred – in fact we’re probs gonna buy one of them there jock-jackets, which we have just decided now to name “jockets” to coincide with this quarterly event) that will hopefully result in our increasingly-longer mullet being lopped off and our Darth Vader-esque shadow disappearing from our Autumnal sun-projected silhouette on the concrete slabs of Ealing. Judging from the press shots that we’ve seen, Isle Of Wight-ers Yours & Mine would be more than capable of offering up some assistance in our Hair Styling R&D department, as we are essentially going for a similar look to the dude on the left of the image above. Since releasing today’s featured track I’m All Alone back in July as part of an EP of the Yesterday’s Girl nomenclature, the trio’s love of 50’s pop and/or R’n’B (the original kind) has spread far and wide, and hasn’t gone unnoticed – recent props gathered from the likes of NME and Music Week citing their Libertines-tinged, Buddy Holly-via-The Byrds kinda vibe, plus some steady radio build both domestically and internationally, has resulted in our bestest buddy boys over at Your Hands Music picking them up for a single to be released next year. We love those dudes. We can all get a piece of this action on the live front by popping along to see this promising style-unit at the Dublin Castle on 8th November.


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