Good Shit: Killing Moon Limited Nominated For ROTD Awards

Just a brief smidgen of an update. The powers that be, or rather the staff that be, have deemed Killing Moon Limited (that’s us) worthy of a nomination (that’s where they say you’re in with a shot) for the UK’s Best Blog of 2011 at the annual Record Of The Day Awards.

Egad. Gawp. Gurn. Jaw-drop. Mad, innit?

On our personal part, we’re extremely flattered and very happy indeed that people in general, whether their angle is to discover great new music or just to peruse the musings of an often-exhausted bunch of guys who around this time last year were pretty flat out of luck as far as their professional lives were concerned, seem to dig what we do.  It really does leave us stoked that out of the hundreds and thousands of music blogs out there, ours was chosen to compete with those that we consider pretty much the upper-crust, so we are very grateful to everybody concerned that helped us get to this point, in particular our readership.

However, we need your help, and despite our recent belly-aches to the contrary, we would really like to end up going to the awards ceremony itself, so that we might drink their booze, chow down their food, and steal their men/women (we’re not fussed). So all you gotta do to help us out is click the big ass link below, tastefully and aptly labelled thus, enter your deets, click Killing Moon and vote away. If we win, Ed has promised to get naked and dance for every single one of you, much like a private dancer that dances for money. Well, he hasn’t, but he will. HE WILL.


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