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Bad news citizens. We’re feeling under the weather. Despite flu jabs (so thankfully, it can’t be the flu…we hope) and a steady intake of Berrocca-tainted pints of water on the reg for around two weeks now, this bastard bug going around has ultimately got the best of us. Having just written that, we realise that the daily 1000%+ Vitamin C intake was in fact Haliborange, not Berrocca (serving as a reminder that if you pay peanuts you should indeed expect monkeys – at the same time it was on offer at Tesco…), and that we’ve not really been doing our immune system any favours by effectively kicking the shit out of it via hard partying at last night’s Club Killing Moon 004, following sporadic decisions to “have a cheeky whiskey” on the other evenings of this week. But hey ho. It’s cold and damp outside. The streets are riddled with little bastards who have decided to forego convention, pre-empt Halloween by a full day, and are just trick-or-treating at will. We’ll get over it, eventually. Lifting our bug-ridden spirits is a suitably uplifting tune from new kids on the block Best Days (we do appreciate the irony insofar as this particular blog post is concerned), one which goes by the name of Wasted (we do appreciate the contrasting aptness in this respect). Carrying with it a post-party vibe consistent with that of having an all-night rager with close and old friends, this is a delightful dancey track that delves quite comfortably into the realms of mainstream pop – if you think Phoenix‘s If I Ever Feel Better (maaaaaan, we’re rubbing it in quite well all by ourselves at the moment aren’t we?) mixed with Alex Clare perhaps on course into Kid British territories, you’ll most likely end up in the same place as this sweet piece. We understand the set up as being two dudes and a producer as things stand at the moment, and being early days at it is there isn’t much in the way of live appearances just yet; however, we have it on good authority that it’s not likely to stay that way for much longer. Have a goosey below.

Best Days – Wasted

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