Holland (Brighton)_FI

“Lovely Bones”

It was the Q Awards today, or so we could tell from our many social networking feeds. Exactly one year ago today, a former boss overzealotous collegue who made out they were our boss on more than a few occassions and took great pleasure in belittling us in front of, well, a lot of people to that effect sent us a rather malicious/passive-aggressive text message to illuminate the fact that they were present at this particularly prestigious booze-fest whilst we were quite clearly not and very much unemployed simultaneously, most likely as an attempt to rub salt into the proverbial wound. Suffice to say, it worked, in the sense that said communication succeeded in upsetting us greatly and left us feeling smaller than an ant’s shit at the time. As we are quite often heard muttering in a more-often sulkish state, retrospect is a wonderful thing. A year on from the last time this particular individual was a proper dick to us (we can thankfully say that this was the last such occurence – or at least they’re nice to our faces, which we guess is a lot better than the previous position), we’re somewhat relieved that we don’t regularly get invited to these highly-publicised ceremonies, or indeed are associated with those who do. Quite frankly, we’ve misbehaved every single time we have been fortunate to have been invited along (well, it DOES say free booze after all), and we’re not so good at undertaking the glamourous connotations that commonly go with the music industry. Right now, you’re probably thinking “this is LOSER talk”, and you could be right. But you’re wrong. A year on, and we know for certain, having had ample experiences at the most-rudimentary and also the most-glamourous ends of the musical business spectrum respectively; we know for certain why we do this, and it’s quite simply to find excellent new bands like Holland, big them up appropriately, and try to help in any way that we can to perhaps one day get them to one of those confounded awards ceremonies that everyone so badly wants to go to (if indeed that’s what they’re in this for), mainly by telling as many people as we can about them, all in the name of what is self-evident. And that self-evidence is that they sound great; therefore they should be heard. A bit like how a bucket of KFC is delicious, and therefore it should be eaten. Back to the point, these bright young sparks – again, from our spiritual home of Brighton, which seems to be kicking ass in terms of musical exports right now – recently caused a stir with the punters of the annual SWN festival this weekend just gone, with their emotive guitar music that sounds like the perfect mix between, say, Alkaline Trio and Alt-J, or perhaps Gaslight Anthem and early-to-mid Biffy Clyro. Interestingly, they are at least the second band that we’ve come across and subsequently blathered about that are called Holland. Perhaps one of the two will opt for the other-preferred nomenclature, The Netherlands – although we’re pretty sure we wrote about a band called just that a while ago as well. Who cares? Not us. Listen to the song and then work out why it’s making us feel all gooey on the inside, in a non-kinky way. It’s unmastered, so turn it up fuckin’ loud.

Holland – Lovely Bones

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