Fort Lean_FI

Fort Lean
“High Definition”

BBWWWWOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGG…. What’s that shit? We’ve upgraded our “pretty good demo submission” alert once more. In the beginning, there was a decommissioned prayer bell. Then, we discovered the miracle of electronics and brought Killing Moon into the 21st century with electricity and got ourselves a buzzer that makes several different noises generated at random, including (but not limited to) a grenade sound, a laser-gun sound, a siren sound, and other sonic treats associated with para-military warfare (we lifted this magnificent device from our old Street Wolf BMX for ambitious toddlers). We’ve now got ourselves a massive fuck-off gong, like the one Morrissey‘s drummer has; except we have also kept the aforementioned digi-buzzer which we have positioned adoringly and aptly in the centre of gongy. Incremental improvements in technology has obviously struck a nerve in terms of the song-writing and subsequent song-naming from Brooklyn-based quintet Fort Lean who have crashed, walloped and banged their way from our inbox and into pole position for Track Of The Day. High Definition is exemplary of this fast-rising outfit’s ability to transcend the various layers that comprise the multiple spectrums of guitar music, from both sides of the Atlantic. One one hand, you have a sound that might be representative of beachy-surf types like The Kooks or The Drums; whilst on the other, you’ve got your broodier indie types along the lines of The Walkmen or The Strokes. The biggest hook really are the lyrics in their entirety, and you actually do become drawn into this particular tale of love, loss and nostalgia. Plus it’s great to beat a gong too.


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