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Introducing…The Wild Mercury Sound

Good lord, it must have been some time since we did one of these. You may have been able to pick out from our most recent ramblings and grumblings that we’ve been busier than a CEO of Newscorp trying to make out they haven’t done anything remotely dodgy in their entire lives undertaking a number of bits and bobs to further the good ship Killing Moon and all the bands that sail in her. For some reason, we see (and hopefully you do too) these Introducing... features as a bit more of an extensive overview of what’s happening with our latest movers and shakers, indeed more so than our self-award-winning Track Of The Day jobbies which tend to lend themselves to performing a more snap-shotty rendition of a similar objective. Why are we telling you this? Well, other than trying to educate y’all, it takes a band as musically-incisive as The Wild Mercury Sound to get off our not-really-that-lazy-at-all backsides and actually do this thing. We have indeed known about these guys for a spell – hell, we went to check them out on behalf of the-label-what-we-used-to-run-around-pointlessly-for-and-we-don’t-think-of-too-fondly-anymore-but-yeah-whatever at least once yesteryear – but from what we’ve heard things are just about to get interesting for them…


So, other than lounging about smoking ciggies, dropping tea mugs and succumbing to asphyxiation at the hands of a quite-clearly mental but nevertheless-attractive (the two often co-incide, apparently) ladyperson, these intrepid four chaps from London have otherwise spent their time wisely in honing the songwriting craft to yeild some pretty solid indie rock songs, as exemplified by the sweet clip above for the track Miss Frost. And, as you can probably tell, this is an extremely ambitious sound for an outfit that are rather youthful given the sonic heights they are reaching for – think along the lines of mature Foo Fighters, Scanners, Manchester Orchestra and perhaps a bluesy-grass vibe from the likes of Thrice‘s latest bout of offerings such as Alchemy Index: Earth and Beggars combined with the preachery-gospelness of Johnny Cash – or, at the very least, they do a very good job of looking it. Having spent a bit of 2010 and more of 2011 trapsing up and down the country, their ability to pen and perform stellar renditions of the fruits of their labourings has not gone unnoticed, not least of all by the recent big ups from Steve Lamacq via BBC 6Music and a slew of positive mentions from blogs just like this one.

The Wild Mercury Sound – Itchy Skin

The Wild Mercury Sound – Hope There’s Someone (Live at London School of Sound)

So what’s cooking? A lot, basically. Miss Frost gets a release proper on Monday 10th October, and the boys are receiving a decent bunk-up in this respect via a headline single launch party at the Barfly, doubling up as a round-up to a rather extensive tour of the country the band have just completed. Which just so happens to be tonight. We’re rather gutted we can’t attend ourselves, but we’re already late for a dinner with our parents this evening. However, you really should do yourselves a favour, get down there, get loaded, watch an amazing show, then tell us all about it. In that order.

The Wild Mercury Sound – Sedative

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