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Plant Plants
“She’s No One”

We recently met a boss of a label that no doubt most of our readership will be aware of, most likely moreso than our own ramshackle outfit, after being introduced to them as the manager of the next label dead on course to match the degree of esteem they hold in various music circles, which in itself lends weight to the idea that you can indeed make a brown man blush through the means of a ridiculous amount of yet-to-be-earned flattery. As we typically do when we meet someone we’ve heard about for a prolonged number of years, are incredibly impressed and/or intimidated by, and by virtue of unlikely circumstances we somehow end up meeting abruptly, we started talking about utter crap, ironically in an attempt to make ourselves sound a lot more cooler than we really are. For some reason, we started babbelling about lo-fi, more specifically the school of bands from yesteryear that seemed to be all over the shop, and even more specifically about how we thought a lot of them were products of a lot of hype and lacked an awful lot of songwriting substance. The words “lazy bastards” may have been mentioned. We then, of course, discovered that we were talking about this particular individual’s label’s releases, indeed the bulk of them around that time frame. The conversation lasted about 3 minutes as the guy suddenly remembered he wanted a slice of pizza. Hype may certainly be enveloping our latest Track Of The Dayerisers Plant Plants, but we are pleased as a pig in shite that they definitely have substance, and lots of it. This London-based and partially-tattooed pair have been charming the ears of many a gig-goer in recent months along with unleashing their soundclips on an increasingly-rapturous and steadily growing online following. We have not been fortunate enough to catch a real life glimpse of the prolific duo, but certainly plan to when they support the incredicool Visions Of Trees next month. If we get to hear a lot more like this, despite the amount of time we spend whining about how little free time we have these days, it will be time well invested.

Plant Plants – She’s No One

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