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Wild Combination
“We Are The Creatures”

Yesterday/this morning was nice. We attended a gathering of some good chums, hosted ostensibly by Killing Moon’s own clubfloor commander Andre Bravado, many of whom we haven’t spent some quality time with for ages. Meat was barbequeued. Drinks were drank. Shades were (often indoors and/or needlessly) worn. Chests were bumped. We managed to have one of the most fulfilling conversations about Thrice with a guy called Barry who does “stuff” for Artrocker and has a self-professed dry sense of humour. All of these simple pleasures of social interaction (which, kids, is a bit like social networking, but in real life) were drenched in sunset and soundtracked by a wide range of party tunes. Ironically, our end-of-weekend TOTD’ers Wild Combination did not form part of the aforementioned playlist, but that’s mainly because we’ve only just come across this promising trio from Chelmsford-via-Basildon – co-incidentally, we just typed that having just realised we have allowed The Only Way Is Essex to display on our TV screen. So, for both those things, you’ll just have to forgive us. Set to release this groovy slice of emotive indie coupled with electronic beat stylings on 17th October – we know not by what medium or means – ahead of this the band have made available the wonderful video for We Are The Creatures for viewing pleasure purposes. Undertones of the likes of Telekinesis, Tegan & Sara, The Cast Of Cheers and Bear From Heaven have also resulted in our third revelation in quick succession, in that the name of the band is rather poignant in this respect. No sign of live shows in London town just yet, but, believe us, we are going to bug this lot until there is.  There is a London show. On the 3rd November at Old Queen’s Head, for 6Music no less. Yep, we need to revamp our new band R&D department. Give us a break though. It is 11pm on a Sunday night.


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