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Ill Fits
“Blood & Devotion”

Mid-to-late week fatigue is settling in y’all. Last night we raged like narcissistic bulls in some kinda china shop to the really-not gentle sonic booms generated by the likes of Whitemare, Hold Kiss Kill, Tyrannosaurus Dead and Trim The Barber. We had some whiskey. Shit got real, as the man said. As a result we don’t feel our usual 110% this ridiculously-warm September evening, but we’re not ones to let our people down. However, we may have fulfilled our rock’n’roll fantasies for the remainder of 2011, and you can expect a line up for our next episodic stint at the Bull & Gate that’s a lot more bouncy. As opposed to fist-pumpy. Is it ever possible to combine those two elements to yield a song to stand the test of time? New TOTD’ers Ill Fits might just be able to answer that particular query. Already bigger than a bread box in the NYC area for certain reasons – along the lines of this band contains members from the likes of MGMT and Amazing Baby, as well as having a rather stalwarty frontman in the form of one of our favourite songwriters of, well, ever, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (fuck. yeah.) – this could not have possibly stayed a secret for very long following a vast array of big-ups from several influential stateside music sites and blogs, for example this one on Brooklyn Vegan. Indeed, it has not, following the announcement of three shows at this years’ CMJ bash in October, which we are unlikely to be able to attend seeing as we’ve sunk all our dollar into doing, well, this. So we can only hope that this fantastic band of supersongsters decide to make the trip over here. It may be implied under these circumstances that it is fairly obvious what the influential undertones to this tune are by virtue of those actually creating it. However, we don’t give a shit about that, and will go on record to say this sounds like Bowie doing Vampire Weekend doing The National in a massive doing-threeway. Or something wanky like that. Just listen to it and discover that you can indeed body-groove while punching the air several times during the chorus.

Ill Fits – Blood & Devotion

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