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The Static Jacks
“Mercy, Hallelujah”

Retrospect is just great, isn’t it. We’re a teensy bit gutted we didn’t personally make it along to Bestival this year. Granted, we’ve been to this fine establishment on the Isle of Wight for the last, oh, five years or so, and perhaps we’re just a little bit too old to pull this shit for much longer whereby we go attempt to go to absolutely every festival that we’re invited and/or able to blag our way into. But we have never seen The Cure. And now we have to listen to assorted peeps that we hang out with banging on about how bloody amazing Robert Smith and his old boys were in their monumental two-and-a-bit-hour performance, which we understood to be the main draw as far as the vast majority of the punters were concerned. There are certain bands that we hold very dear to our hearts that seemingly we were just never meant to connect with in a particular way (another example is that we will never meet Alkaline Trio, despite having a heart’n’skull our our left booby and having worked for not less that two of the record labels they happened to be signed to at the time. Clearly a case of trying too hard there). They just don’t make those sorts of bands like they used to. Or DO THEY? Enter new TOTD’ers The Static Jacks, who quite likely are no strangers the influences of those above acts we’ve just mentioned, themselves hailing from Westfield (New Jersey, not the supermegashiny shopping malls in Shepherds Bush and Stratford respectively). Already kind of a big deal in their native homeland, these four chappies are set to invade the UK in a big way over the coming months, aided in no small part by yet another fantastic release eminating from our soul-brothers Laissez Faire Club, who will be putting this out as one of them-there 7″ jobbies as a double-A side. Cure guitars-galore are rife throughout this 3 minute-something sonic treat, coupled with Frank Turner-esque vocals and simple-but-brilliant song structure that would impress the likes of Gaslight Anthem. Good times ahoy kids.

The Static Jacks – Mercy, Hallelujah

Oooooh why don’t we put that other A-side up as well, eh? EH?

The Static Jacks – Into The Sun

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