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Apollo’s Arrows
“Passenger Announcement”

Wikipedia, that source of in-depth and seemingly-endless amounts of knowledge (highly censored and/or regulated by the individuals or organisations that the information itself relates to, of course), defines “math rock” as the following; “…rhythmically complex guitar-based style of experimental rock that emerged in the 1980s and that was very influenced by Progressive Rock like King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Henry Cow. It is characterized by complex, atypical rhythmic structures (including irregular stopping and starting), angular melodies, and dissonant chords“. Well, despite getting spelling and grammar a tad wrong in the very first instance (in the Queen’s English, it is “maths” or “mathematics”, but never “math”. Because, like, there’s always more than one math. In maths. Right?), those waa-Wiki-waa’s are pretty much correct in this context that our new Track Of The Day’ers Apollo’s Arrows find themselves in. Shooting straight out of Southampton from the barrell of one of our very favourite and truly independent labels Flatpack with new EP by the name of Glass Vessels on 26th September, these chaps from the dirty south take the best of their chosen genre – think Fall Of Troy, 65 Days Of Static, At The Drive In, and soon-to-be-superstars Arcane Roots – give it the ol’ heave-ho, stick it up the wrong’un and make it their very own. Their vibe has not gone unnoticed either, least of all by yours truly: Clash Magazine plucked them like a rose from the grave to play the big-ass Bestival 2011 happening this very weekend. We’ll happily tell you how these boys get on at said event, if, that is, we actually survive their monster live show.

Apollo’s Arrows – Passenger Announcement

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