Fortunes Fool

“Fortune’s Fool”

The rain has well and truly set-in in London. August has proved to be a rather damp squib in the grand scheme of Summer’s.  This has rained off a lot of potential outdoor fun. Mainly long evenings in beer gardens, frisbee in the park & BBQs, but this has in no way dampened our spirits and only given us more time to sit back and listen to some great new music. One such song has drawn my attention on this rainy day, so much so I’ve decided to make it our Track Of The Day. ‘Fortunes Fool’ by London’s very own Shura, aka Aleksandra Denton, is beautiful, atmospheric and haunting all rolled into one. Aleksandra’s vocal is wistful and delicate similar to that in part from I Break Horses or even Bjork’s Hyberballad, brought together by her production counter part, Hiatus, who gives the track an element of Massive Attack with intricate percussion, beats, synths and sub. Establishing herself under the self named genre ‘night folk’ we feel this is very apt. Very much built upon acoustic singer songwriter sensibilities, ‘Fortune’s Fool’ takes an all together refreshing direction, not only in the production but also the approach to the arrangement on the lyrics and vocal patterns. As much as we have enjoyed the domination of female singer songwriters with tasselled hair and acoustic guitars, it may just be time for something new, and perhaps Shura is the breathe of fresh air the British music industry needs right now. So sit back and take a listen.

Shura – Fortune’s Fool

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