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The Amazonica

While we try to keep our political agenda views personal rather than pushing it onto you guys like some kinda musical Jehova’s Witness, we couldn’t help but notice that in the two days we were out of London this weekend that certain people in the Northy-Easty parts of our hometown have been lootin’ around, making a mess, and generally stinking up the shop. Typical as it may be that as soon as our asses are out of the door bad things start to happen (pretty karmically-deep for a Monday afternoon, we know, but we’re still very much in a lot of physical and emotional turmoil following this weekend’s activities, so please bear with us while we overcome our state of fragility), we’d like to dedicate today’s shiney-shiney-cool Track Of The Day to those who may be contemplating emulating recent violent activities that make it rather embarrasing to be from London at the moment. The Amazonica is the newly-unveiled project from a very sweet gal by the name of Harry, who some readers, particularly those who like us spent all their parental dividends on buy copies of Kerrang every Wednesday, may notice used to front and party hard with Dirty Harry. If her previous outfit was all motorcycles, diamonds and guns, Money displays a synonymity to drinking a sweet glass of Moet in a Mayfair nightclub, complete with holographic images of ladies nearly wearing dresses. A solid club track that could easily stand toe-to-toe with the recent cream of the female vocal crop, including (but not limited to) Vela, Alpines, Paper Crows and Bluebell. In lieue of a London date, a debut show has been announced in Hollywood at the Teddy’s venue on 24th September – dress real nice if you can make it down.

The Amazonica – Money

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