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Wild Yaks
“Million Years Old”

The habit of juxtapositioning of frequently-used adjectives with animal species terminology has become increasingly-more commonplace in recent years. Before that, it was considered pretty cool to stick the word “The” in front of an-otherwise one-worded affair; moving forward to the present day, the current trend seems to be the one-worded effort by its lonesome. Names schnames, says we. It’s about the music – always has been, always likely to be (take note, person who asked us the other day whether we would sign their act to Killing Moon Records purely on the basis of them being called 4Flava – sadly, 90% of the time, sarcasm does not translate as such very well in the context of internet-based text messaging, so we thought we’d just clear that up for you here). Even with that in mind, Wild Yaks strike us hard and fast both in literally and sonic terms; The Fader-approved track Million Years Old boasts influences along the big new-school Americana acts such as Local Natives, Young Buffalo (see?) and Band Of Horses (nearly…), combined with a more bluesy-indie rock sensibility such as that you get with Telekinesis. Yet at several instances during this tune’s playback, we feel it wouldn’t be amiss on a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack to a film about thugs, ladies, diamonds and guns. A multi-faceted track of genius, and one that we’re very much in love with right now.

Wild Yaks – Million Years Old

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