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Trim The Barber
“Always Delayed”

Carrying on with our theme of music what makes us feel like we’re 15 again (which of course we just made up right now, but nevertheless serves as a solid platform of context), we’ve recently been tippy-tipped about London foursome Trim The Barber – having just said that, and looking at the above image we have no idea why there are more than four people depicted; however if you were to scoot across to the band’s facebook profile, you will find there are a number of images suggesting this band is more than the sum of it’s conveyed line-up parts. On the oldie side of the spectrum, you have Ian Dury & The Blockheads and TV On The Radio. On the relative-newbies, you have The Joy Formidable and Charlatans (except this is far less boring than the latter aforementioned influence we’ve just named). What’s instantly noticeable and very much applaudable upon pressing play is how distinctively British the sound of this wonderfully-named act is in every possible regard – which is impressive, given that everybody, ourselves included, are banging on about 90’s US College indie revivalism. Having rocked the proverbial boat at Old Queen’s Head recently for The Road To Standon Calling, the future looks very bright indeed for these chappies. Listen below and find out why.

Trim The Barber – Always Delayed

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