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Warm Brains
“Let Down”

A rather tamed weekend by our usual standards.  It was with a mile-wide grin that we richly enjoyed watching Belgrade tear apart the Old Queen’s Head, playing a completely packed out room – which was doubly impressive considering we are indeed balls-deep in festival season. We graciously took part in this now-quintessentially British past time in the form of 1234 Festival in Shoreditch Park on Saturday, which nicely brings us to today’s topic for Track Of The Day discussion, as it was here we managed to catch more than a l’il bit of Warm Brains. You know how we like/won’t shut up about that 90’s-style US college indie rock stuff, a la Little Death, Sonic Youth, Pavement, shit like that? Well, this new project from Rory Atwell, formerly of Test Icicles-fame, ticks all these very, very right boxes, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that – indeed, on second and subsequently third listen, it’s plain to see this stands toe-to-toe with modern upstarts Yuck and Drive. On fourth listen, we’re positively bouncing off the walls. Let Down was a perfect condiment to what was otherwise a perfect afternoon spent with fantastic friends both old and new. Hit play and get daydreaming.


Warm Brains – Let Down

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