“Arctic Stars Melt The Clouds”

Last night, we were caught, and soon after suitably bollocked about, watching Hot Shots: Part Deux on Film Four, described by one of our close relatives as a “silly film” during the whole 5 minutes that they found the good patience to try and engage the late 90’s/early noughties spoof. This was even before they noticed that the film stars Charlie Sheen. Aforementioned bollocking stemmed from the fact that back in the day, when there was ONE Sky Movies channel, we were observed to watch this film on a seemingly-continuous loop, fitting in tid-bits of Forrest Gump and Star Trek: The Next Generation whenever sufficient time would allow. Prior to us gaining satellite TV technology (which was just as quickly removed following our parents noticing us developing an unhealthy obsession with Lt. Commander Data and/or Worf), the only medium we had for our film-rinsing purposes was something known, back in the day, as a VHS tape. For our younger readers with mutant-Apple-shaped-thumbs, a VHS tape is a bit like a Blu-Ray disc, except chunkier, plastic, and, for all shapes and purposes, indestructable. A firm favourite of ours (yes, we are getting to the point, keep reading…) was a taped recording of a film called Flight Of The Navigator, the synopsis of which in brief concerned a young lad called Daryl who gets picked up by an eyebally-robot thingy and gets to fly a spaceship for a bit. LA2019, were the film to be remade, and by gum we hope it will be, would be prime candidates to soundtrack this. In mainstream musical terms, comparisons may well be held to Time To Pretend-style MGMT, as well as more recent Pitchfork darlings Dom, and future-of-music-types Wu Lyf. The band tug on our heartstrings further as the cinematically-genius video is set in seafront Brighton in all it’s brightly-lit hungover morning glory – and in true Blood & Biscuits style, who are releasing these dudes’ EP on 15th August, they don’t seem to be afraid of a little facepaint action either. Check out the teaser for said EP below.

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