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So What Robot
“A Girl Who Reads”

BUNNNNNNNNNG. Wassat? Oh, we’ve just upgraded our crappy little “fantastic demo submission alert” bell as it was beginning to offend our eyeballs, not to mention being inherently incapable of conveying the sheer magnitude and gravity of the overwhelming effect of joy we experience when we get these little nuggets of happy-day landing in our inbox;it was subsequently replaced with one of them there massive gongs, not too dissimilar from the one we witnessed Morrissey‘s drummer-upgrade boshing on the weekend at the 4th annual Hop Farm Festival. And he sure did show us how to work it. So What Robot are the latest fast-risers to emerge from the bustling Newcastle music scene, and upon presenting A Girl Who Reads are somehow magically able to transport us back to our penultimate university year, where once we spent a substantial amount of time sitting in our union bar, supping red beer (the rest of the world called this Snakebite, but Queen Mary University of London is very much a country unto itself and so has very little use for such common nomenclature) and shitting it about our very first real-life interview with a band called The Young Knives – coincidentally, and we have just witnessed the microcosmic effect of our own monologue, So What Robot‘s vibe is not too disimilar from the Ashby-De-La-Zouch threesome. Throwing in some other like-bands, such as The Talking Heads, Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse and second-album MGMT, and you may well be able to see why we’re very happy to have made the respective acquaintances of these four dashing gents. London dates are looking non-existent at this point, but those of the northern persuasion will be able to catch the band on several dates as they tour in late August/early September in support of releasing this tasty slice of spiked-up indie on 22nd August.

So What Robot – A Girl Who Reads

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