Anothers Blood

Anothers Blood
“These Are My Times”

Despite having done this for what at certain junctures feels like far too long, we’re very happy to report that we still get more gleeful than Gary (aka Joaquin Phoenix) in Parenthood receiving his first ever boner when we discover bands that make music that is unique, truly moving and believable (or unbelievable, depending on how you’re looking at it). Quite frankly, finding bands like Anothers Blood makes everything we do worthwhile. Popping up on the interweb over the course of the past couple of months via a series of domain-hosted youtube videos – These Are My Times, Ghost In The Wind and When The Weather Talks respectively – the band strike us, for want of an actual frame of musical references should you find you need them, as capturing the soul-grabbing essence of Sigur Ros mixed with the fan-frenzied enigmaticness of Wu Lyf. Admittedly, we are really at a loss for descriptive words to even remotely approach the vacinity of what we feel when listening to these pieces of art. Factually, through extensive Facebook page monitoring, we’ve deduced that a key member of this new effort goes by the name of Richard Frenneaux, who we believe may be the one and the very same formerly of Red Light Company. Not that the who’s-who is terribly important at this stage. What is important is that they’ve announced their debut show at The Star Of Kings for Twisted Licks (supporting Portugal’s Gala Drop), followed by the ever-on-it Bull & Gate for Club Fandango on 30th June. Make it so.


And yeah, we’re gonna be cheeky and put the other two videos up here. It’s just that good that you need to see them all.

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