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The Focussed Distraction
“The Gravity EP”

We’ve been mostly placed into email-monkey-mode for today. Gotta get the word out about stuff. Gotta sell some shit. Gotta have cereal. GOTTA GET PAID. While it feels like a century ago the last time we immersed ourselves in the rekkid game, we’ve never felt more comfortable in our own skin as we do right now. This is where we belong. We’ve also been receiving a high volume of messages over this past week enquiring as to what or who the hell we think we are. Are we a blog? Are we a label? Are we real? Are there in fact more than one of us running this? Are we clearly not spending enough time refining the [About] section? We know not. For we are only pawns in the games of life and music, sort of. Identity and determinable attributes may well be confusing the shit out of many a music journo when it comes to describing our latest victims, The Focussed Distraction – who is in fact a rather charming chappy in human form of Jon McLeod. There may be a bit of Radiohead in there; a bit of Yeasayer over there; a hint of Caribou sat down in the corner… to be honest, these are just words that don’t really come close to describing the electronic-emphatic delights that Jon’s provided for us this evening. Weird, wonderful and eccentric all in one bosh, the fact that we’ve smacked down an entire EP for a Track Of The Day (fuck convention, right?) should ram home the fact that we really think this dude deserves your undivided attention.

The Focussed Distraction – The Gravity EP

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