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Hold Kiss Kill
“Death Pleasures”

We simply cannot get enough of this early 90’s indie rock revivalist thang that’s going down as smoothly as a milkshake in the summer of 2011. We first encountered London three-piece Hold Kiss Kill back in March after chancing upon a few tracks floatin about on soundcloud. Having recently checked back in, they’ve since released a limited edition 4-page fanzine containing a flexidisc single (and subsequently sold out of the bugger). That, ladies and lads, is what happens if you’re NOT ON THE BALL. To rectify our oversight, we invite you to sample one of the band’s tracks on their soon-to-be-released 7″ single, entitled Death Pleasures – a delightful grungey post-punky little number, not too dissimilar from recent postee’s Drive, but also in the same fully-oxygenated arteries of Sonic Youth, The Jesus & Mary Chain and early Smashing Pumpkins. We love this and we’re pretty sure everyone will and/or should. A few London shows have been announced, including 1234 Festival (9th July) and Raw Power Fest @ Corsica Studios (10th July). Just do it.

Hold Kiss Kill – Death Pleasures

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