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Great White Shark
“Fallen In With The Wrong Crowd”

What a great day to discover new music. After a particularly over-exertive couple of days which heavily featured the Champions League final, a couple of friend’s birthdays, heading up to Nottingham for the day to catch Dot To Dot 2011 (more about that soon enough) and putting the very final touches to that something-special-that-we-can’t-announce-yet-but-we-will-in-the-next-couple-of-days-we-swear. The weather outside, in case you didn’t know, is shit. The TV, in case you’re not watching, is bollocks. Hence we’ve come across quite a few new nuggets of musical genius that we’ll be more than happy to share with y’all over the course of the next week or so. First up are new British-German indie outfit Great White Shark, featuring members of indie rockers Eight Legs, with their easy-going and smooth-flowing track Fallen In With The Wrong Crowd; a touch of 60’s/70’s based psychedelia, mixed with the modern surf-core style instrumentalism in the same vein as Two Wounded Birds, this fast rising outfit are currently cutting their live teeth in a big way by hitting the road with buddies Art Brut. We eagerly await announcement of some UK dates. We also think that it’s fucking cool that a guy wearing an Emperor tshirt (who the band themselves describe as one “Black Metal Guru Vincent Wagner”) rolls with this crew.

Great White Shark – Fallen In With The Wrong Crowd

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