Ella the singing cow

Festival: Ella The Singing Cow Gives Away Glastonbury Tickets

You may well be thinking “WHAT IS THIS ABOMINATION?”. Well, let us explain a bit. In the last couple of weeks, a vast array of various people from different creeds and colours (but the name’s don’t matter) have been asking yours truly whether we know people who could “get them into” this year’s Glastonbury Festival, or indeed any other cheeky maneuvers that we have somehow gained a reputation for utilisation thereof to a similar effect. Yeah, we know some people, we got some numbers – although calling in favours such as this often require repayment with a large degree of interest at some point in the future. So imagine our relief when we learned that Ella The Singing Cow is just giving away those now-money-can’t-buy tickets that you people crave so very much. Who the hey is Ella The Singing Cow? Have a look at the below video:


“So where are these goddamn tickets?” you yell? Well, we’ll tell you. You have to guess what tune Ella The Singing Cow is, well, singing. Simply visit the Gaymers Music Facebook page by clicking HERE, and get guessing.

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