Mr Little Jeans
“The Suburbs” (Arcade Fire Cover)

We’ve been fans of Mr Little Jeans‘ artful-yet-actually-enjoyable take on pop music since way back in 2009 (and before you start going all “Yeah, right” on our asses, here’s the proof on ye olde Killing Moon Records blog. Yeah, take that, doubters. We win. WE WIN IN THE SMALLEST POSSIBLE WAY), and it brings a yellowy-spaghetti bolognase-tinged smile (we’ve just eaten) to our chudsey faces to learn Lady Monica is still going from strength to strength, as it should be. Norway-via-London-via-New York’s finest musical export has conjured up something spesh, in the form of a rather personalised take on recent big hitters Arcade Fire (believe us, we were there) and the title track of their third studio album The Suburbs. A radical departure from the original composition’s plodding acoustic guitar-led indie anthem, this rendition exposes Mr Little Jean’s vocal and technical talent by making this into her very own. Listen below and be blown away. Now, if we can just see one little show in London pop up, then maybe we could shut our big mouths going on about how brilliant she is…

Mr Little Jeans – The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)

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